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Appointment Module

The "Appointment" Module allows carriers / charteres / factories to reserve a slot for one or more (un)loading operations


Web Application


Multi profiles


Bilingual EN/FR



The Rendez-vous application allows you to manage and configure the access rights and permissions according to the users and profiles.


Appointments are made via grid representing all the timeslots available in a weekly schedule


There are many adjustable parameters : by site, by (un)loading areas and / or by product.

V Rouge - Eiffage.png

Take into account the public holidays and site's closing days

V Rouge - Eiffage.png

Set up different types of appointment and timeslots

V Rouge - Eiffage.png

Take into account the time needed according to the type and quantity of product to (un)load

Example : the loading of 3 items takes more time than the loading of one. We must then take into account that several slots may be needed

Q de produit.png

When making an appointment, the user will go through a wizard allowing a series of different (configurable) steps to enter information.

Here is an example of a configuration :

1. Ecran Transaction.png
2. Ecran Référence.png
4. Ecran Produit.png
5. Ecran Porte.png
6. Ecran Créneau.png
7. Ecran Informations Suppl-v2.png

Via the Appointments application, the user can easily follow, modify or delete his / her appointments.


The eLisa app Appointment : 

V Rouge - Eiffage.png

Generates a document containing all the information

V Rouge - Eiffage.png

Send a Notification to the

charterer / transporter / factory

V Rouge - Eiffage.png

The driver can, with hisappointment reference, facilitate the encoding of information at the factory reception terminal

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