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Dedicated to the management of the wagon fleet

eLisa Rail manages the entry and exit of wagons on site. It includes the technical sheet of the wagons, their status, their content, the checklists. eLisa allows a synoptic of the wagons and their product & status, a generalized and graphic view.


Interfaced with your ERP, eLisa ensures the communication between the various key users on site (intervention services, offices, technicians, operators, etc).


Suitable for small site, as well as complex installation and "multi-sites". eLisa supports a large flow of wagons.

eLisa Rail also includes a complete mobile application facilitating the management of the wagon fleet. This application allows the control of the wagon and the reports of anomalies.

eLisa Rail Office


eLisa Rail evolves to adapt to the specific needs of the field.

The rail module is the results of several years of experience and is enriched with each new installation.

This module has been developed to offer a clear view of the wagons on site, their detailed sheet, product characteristics and to facilitate the management of the parc. It also allows to realise the wagon control and  the reports of anomalies.

Features :

Operation on the wagons

Transit registration on arrival or departure of a wagon from the site


Weighing ticket edition

Data export

General characteristics

Accessible from a browser

Multilingual application

Identification by user and password

Wagon DataBase

Wagon search

Wagon sheet edition

Referential Management

Owner (or Renter)



Key users

Screenshots :

Base Wagon

Base Wagon

Base Wagon is an extension of eLisa Rail allowing to manage the Database of all the wagons.

With Base Wagon, you will have a list of all the known wagons across all your sites. With search criteria you can easily find and check the information of a wagon. You can also block wagon so the site cannot use those wagons.

Features :

Search Screens

Wagon search

Weighing search

Weighing Screens

Empty weighing

Full wagon weighing

Document Edition

Loading Sheet

Consignment Note

Referential Management




Application settings

General Characteristics

Operator identification

Warning pop-up for wagons with exceeded tank test date (1 month before)

Communication Protocol with weighing bridge

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